Saturday, January 9, 2016

♡ The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson ♡

I recently read the kiss of deception and I was amazed by how much Im in love with it! The story was a heart pounding tale of betrayal, mystery, and romance that left me begging for the next book! It follows Lia, a Princess to the Kingdom of Morrighan that runs away from marriage only to be discovered by an assassin and the prince himself. Not only is the plot richly enticing but all of this is going on in a masterfully crafted fantasy landscape. Can this book get any more magnificent! Even when the plot seemed dull I was still thoroughly engrossed In the Characters. I couldn't put it down the storyline was completely alluring.

The kiss of deception absolutely deceived me.
The ill-mannered mysterious man ends up being the prince! I was stunned at how the author could completely dumbfound me. Rafe's appearance would never lead me on to him being the prince and his discourteous attitude didn't help me either.
Oh Kaden, you broke me heart. I was sincerely captivated by Kaden thinking he was the prince all along, but then he became completely beastly. Mary E. Pearson definitely puts a new twist on the classic bad boy.

Along with the strong male leads Mary included another remarkable character. I absolutely adore princess Arabella in this novel! She's smart, brave, and has a little bit of a temper. This just adds to the already exceptional book making it unique and stand out in YA.

I desperately plead with anyone to read this. I devoured this enthralling book in a matter of days and I'm terribly eager to start reading The Heart of Betrayal. Who knows what could happen in the kingdom of Vendan! This book is a refreshing page turner that will keep you intrigued till the end making you beg for more.

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  1. I was pretty surprised when I was guessing right the entire time! Somehow I had a feeling that Pearson was tricking us (also I'm just very good with weaseling out these things). I LOVED this book, and the next one! The Beauty of Darkness could not come soon enough.

    Great review!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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  3. Woah! That book looks interesting. I might be consider of reading it.